Cookie Clicker

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Cookie Clickers are more popular then i thought. App Inventor is very suited to make these kind of games. There are a number of App Inventor users making them as you can see when you search the Gallery from inside App Inventor.

What most or all of them lack though is the rotating rays and the push animation when you click the cookie. 

So i made a sample aia file for you to use as a starting point for your own version. It uses only the basic app inventor components and no extensions. 

These blocks show or hide the shade and make the cookie bigger and smaller again. The touched event updates the score.

After growing and shrinking the cookie all sprites are centered again on the screen. 

This timer let the rays spin in opposite directions.

This timer shows the animated background. They are 35 separate png files shown one after another giving the animated effect.

This initialize screen is making a list of sprites used so it will be easier to align them all. It also sets the text of the number of cookies clicked label. 

You see you don't need much to get the graphics effect of the original Cookie Clicker.

Here is the aia-file. It is big because of the background images. 

Have fun making your own Cookie Clicker game.

Thanks to 7heD3D for the inspiration.